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Hello friends, this is Bastab, An Ebizer.

A simple guy, from Raniganj, dream to be rich. Always wanted to sleep on a bed, full of money, making life a memorable journey. Had wonderful foundation of 9 years from Ramkumar Khaitan Sikhsha Sadan and six years in Raniganj (Boys) High School. Always wanted to make a difference. Persuing Engineering (Seacom Engineering College,Mechanical Engineering),but for my sake,hated it. My parents always says me,"Life is never smooth, that's why it is worth living".

Found my passion in studying and teaching Entrepreneurship and personal growth. Made my passion my profession. Started my Network Marketing business under the guidance of Ebiz.com Pvt.Ltd on 9th march,2011. When I was in 1st year, spreading computer literacy among the common masses, teaching people personal growth, helping them to realize their best potential. Gradually became a 1st cycle achiever.

When I started this journey on 2011, people used to laugh at me listening to my big dreams. Everybody gave me more than enough reasons why I couldn't do it, but I never lost faith in myself and eBIZ. Today with the grace of almighty & ebiz, really I lived my dreams. As a 2nd year student of B.Tech income is Rs 8100, in month of december of 2011. And gave tax to our Indian government. These small things really makes me happy. Today I don't need to work hard now for money because of the network I built in few months. That is the beauty of leveraged & residual income in network marketing. When I started, I used to attend the seminars among large crowds, having dreams of reaching the state one day, today I held seminars in raniganj by own. Love and respect from so many people is worth more than billions to me. what I love most to help others to become successful.

By the way working on this, regarding journey of a common person to his success. Getting real life knowledge. I know, I am not a perfect in any way. But each and everyday I try to become better that I was yesterday. So, live a happy life. Because I believe happiness is a brightness of every human being.